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There are Two Honor Rolls On this Page.

Marines That Were Killed While Serving With  DELTA 1/27 and Those That Were Killed or Died after leaving DELTA 1/27.  Please see both.

Honor Roll
Delta Company
1st Battalion 27th Marines
PFC  Adams, Roscoe D.
LCpl  Pixley, Richard G.
PVT  Blewitt, William A. Jr.
LCpl  Roberts, David J.
PFC Chimeri, Louis
  LCpl  Rowson, Geoffrey T.
Sgt  Chivers, James L.
Sgt  Smith, Arthur W.
Cpl  Greer, Matthew E.
PFC  Stamato, Vincent J. Jr.
SSgt  Hayes, Fred J.
PFC Tomlinson, David Marlow
PFC  Lorditch, Patrick M.
2Lt  Watson, Lester A.
PVT  Lockhart, Ronald J.
HM2  Grimshaw, Danny L.
 PFC  Pinter, William J.
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1st Battalion 27th Marines

            Honor Roll ll

Marines who Died or were Killed In Action after leaving DELTA COMPANY 1st Battalion 27th Marines
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This page is dedicated to our fallen Brothers of Delta Company
1st Battalion 27th Marines
A Book Honoring the Men Who Fought With DELTA COMPANY 1/27 in Vietnam 1968 by Gary E. Jarvis Ph.D.