As the time draws near for another reunion of 1/27, I cannot help but think of the "soldiers of the sea" that made up Delta Co. 1/27. It was the defining experience of my life. I can pick up with a Delta Company Marine where we left off more than a generation ago. We are that close. I can only say that it was my great honor and fortune to have served with such men as made up the Company. Marine and Corpsman alike. I pay tribute to what they have accomplished and to their success and equally to those who have suffered all these years. The war did not end for many and the struggle that they have made over time is equally important in what we accomplished. I can only hope that as we grow gray, we take care of and support each other and remember those who are on point ahead of us. Take Care!

Semper Fi,
Pat K.
D 1/27






4 August 2001
A letter to the All the Men of
Delta Company 1/27
from Our Company Commander
Col. Patrick Kahler